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Jorte is a personal organizer application designed to be practical.

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How do you sync Jorte with an Outlook Calendar?

I am trying to convince my wife to switch from the Motorola stock calendar app to Jorte. Is there a way to synch Jorte with your Outlook calendar? If not, is there another calendar app that beats the ...
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Jorte sync NationalHolidayCalendar with Google Calendar

Is there any way to sync the NationalHolidayCalendar which the Jorte has with Google Calendar?The NationalHolidayCalendar of Jorte has been set up to show Greek Holidays.The google calendar shows ...
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1 answer

Suddenly can't add events in Jorte?

Just today I've been unable to add events in Jorte. I can only add in Google calendars and then sync. Anybody know what's going on? I'm so sad!
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How can I create recurring events in Jorte?

That is, an event that happens once a week, once a month, once a year, etc. Pretty sure I've read that this can be done, but I can't figure out how. (I've also read that this app has quite a learning ...
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How can I view only one task list in Jorte?

Suppose I'm at the store, and all I want to view is my "Stuff to Buy at the Store" list in Jorte. How can I view only that list instead of all the tasks on any list?
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Using Jorte, how can I see which Google Calendar an event is associated with?

Galax-S (Vibrant), Android 2.1, Jorte 1.2.5 I'm using Jorte (a replacement calendar app). How do I see which Google Calendar a specific event is associated with? Note that this is while viewing an ...
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how do I download jorte calendar on new tablet

I cant download my jorte calendar from my htc phone to my new tablet becuz the port to recharge my phone is faulty and so the battery keeps dying and wont hold a charge and according to the sprint ...
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Create a repeating task in Jorte

How do I create a repeating task in Jorte? I don't want to create a repeating event - just a repeating task. For example, say I want to create a task "Grade papers" that will happen once a week. It's ...
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2 answers

How do I create task lists in Jorte?

How do I create task lists other than My Task List? Also, how many task lists can be created in Jorte?