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How to Increase RAM in my karbonn s2 [duplicate]

my karbonn s2 has 512 MB RAM but it is always shows 85 % full I have installed RAM cleaner app but not happy with it. sometimes my phone hang down. what can be done to increase the memory (RAM) ?
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How to enable mobile network in Android Tablet

I have got Karbonn Ta-Fone A34 tablet. By default its mobile network options is permanently inactive. Now I have rooted my tablet and want to enable to mobile network option. Is there any way I can ...
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My Karbon Smart Tab 7 Tornado EX SD CARD problem

My tab detects my sd card but the problem is.. it won't mount can someone please help me.. I tried to format it into NTFS, ExFat, Fat32 but it doesn't work Thank you for viewing! Your answer is my ...
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Rooting the Karbonn smart tab 7

First of all, I understand that similar questions have been asked trillions of times before. But, as I've come to learn, not this specific one. So, here I go... I recently bought a Karbonn smart tab ...
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