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Syncing Kiwi using 'hard links' into Chrome's data folder

Kiwi Browser has no syncing option, while other Chromium browsers do have. A workaround The idea/hack is to: install another browser (like Chrome Beta), not use it, and hard-wired Kiwi's data into ...
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Android 9 keeps shutting my browser tabs on Other User when I just switch to other apps

I use Kiwi Browser, tried Lemur Browser but they all do it, it's so frustrating cause not only that it refreshes tabs but it shuts them off completely and just when I come back to it it leaves a blank ...
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XPrivacy showing Kiwi Browser calling `shell/start` and `shell/exec`, what is this?

According to the XPrivacy app, shortly after starting the Kiwi Browser app, the app executes the following: It's a shell command with /system/bin/cmd package compile -r shared com.kiwibrowser.browser ...
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What version of Kiwi Browser can be installed on Android 5?

I have a Samsung SM-P905V tablet that is running Android 5.1.1. Nothing newer is available, and no one has figured out unlocking the bootloader to allow a custom ROM. I want to load Kiwi Browser and ...
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