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Gmail app - cancel notification but see number of unread

I have two problems with the Gmail app: I'm using LauncherPro and have the Gmail app icon in the down task-bar, but I don't see the unread mail count. How can I make the unread number appear there? I'...
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Is there any launcher app that behave like Iphone?

I've just switched from Iphone to Android (CM7), and I strongly prefer the Iphone way to manage apps. The separation between Home screen and App Drawer screen on Android is very awkward. Is there any ...
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CM7 Launcherpro Changing Dock Icons

I downloaded some icons in extracted them to the SD card under a directory I made called icons. I've been trying to get launcherpro to change the dock icons, however whenever I click change icon the ...
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How to get to your settings without a home screen app?

I hadn't used my old HTC Hero for a while, but when I rebooted it I got an error saying: LauncherPro has expired, please download an updated version. But wifi was turned off and when I tried to get ...
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How can I change LauncherPro shortcut intents without using the Shortcut option on my NookColor?

I have a rooted NookColor and am using launcherpro as my home app. I would like to change the dock's shortcuts to different applications but the problem is a rooted nookcolor does not support the ...
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What LauncherPro Shortcuts Have You Used?

If you have LauncherPro you may be familiar with one of it's powerful features: LauncherPro Shortcuts. By using the LauncherPro Shortcut Generator, you can create powerful custom "shortcuts" ...
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What are the differences between: LauncherPro "Keep in memory" and "Lock home in memory."

LauncherPro has an option for "Keep in memory". CyanogenMod settings has an option for "Lock home in memory". How do these work? Do they conflict with each other? What problems might they cause? The ...
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How do I change the lock-screen wallpaper?

I've lost the ability to change my lock screen wallpaper (in the course of trigger-happy removal of some phone company apps). I used to be able to do 'Menu > Wallpaper' and be prompted for either ...
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Is it possible to remove shortcut labels in Launcher Pro?

Is there a fast or automatic way to remove the labels from all home shortcuts, while using Launcher Pro?
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LauncherPro Shortcut Creator Guide & Repository?

Anyone know of a good guide on how to use the LauncherPro Shortcut Creator and/or a good source for already made shortcuts?
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