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For questions truly specific to the LG GT540 Optimus (also known as the GT540 Swift and the Loop GT540).

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Can't download custom APK files on Cyanogen Mod 7

I'm developing a simple apps for my own purpose using PhoneGap Build. For convenience, I'm pointing web browser, on each device where I want to install & test such app, to application download ...
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Reverting LG GT540 to its old interface

I just tried to install my LG GT540 with a KDZ file that I downloaded from a site, hoping that my problem with the Android Market would be fixed but nothing happened. My problem is that I can't ...
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Cannot turn on LG GT540 due to kernel panic

I cannot turn on my LG GT540. When I try to turn it on it displays a message which says: Linux Kernel Panic Process swapper (pid : 1 ) What does this mean? How can I fix it?
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How can I get the latest compatible app version?

I once had Acrobat Reader and Seesmic installed in my LG GT540 (Android 2.1). I had to uninstall them to free some space. After a few days I tried to install those apps again, but their updates made ...
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Record android screen [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Android Software or Device to present Application on Screen How to plug in an Android Tablet and show it's screen on PC or Laptop for training session? How do I project ...
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Install custom ROM from Linux on a LG GT540

I'd like to install a custom ROM on my LG GT540. It looks like that in order to enable fastboot and make the whole process a lot easier, a custom ROM must be installed the first time with a program ...
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How to update the LG GT540 Optimus to the lastest stable Android version?

How can I update my LG GT540 Optimus to the latest stable Android? Is if safe to update, or I could brick my phone? Or it does it by auto? How are the installed softwares (from Android Market) updated?...
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