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The LG Motion 4G Android OS smartphone with 4GLTE Mobile Hotspot, 5MP camera with Voice Commands, 5GB built-in memory, GPS, and MP3 music player.

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1 answer

How do I root my 4G LG Motion?

How do I root my 4G LG Motion? I have an app that needs root access, but I don't know how to root my phone. Also, I REALLY want this app so.... If you know please help.
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1 vote
1 answer

My LG Motion is stuck in boot loop after hard reseting

I tried to install a font using Font Installer on my LG Motion which was rooted, and it went into a boot loop. I hard reset it, but it is still stuck in a boot loop. Help me out, please? If I need to ...
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LG Motion Keep Rebooting (Boot Loop) After Installing Beat Audio Installation

I was looking through the Google Play Store after I rooted my LG Motion 4G The other day, and came upon the app "Beats Audio Installation" & Downloaded it and then when i opened the app and ...
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2 answers

What is the LG Motion 4G processor speed?

According to the specs for the LG Motion 4G phone, it states the CPU speed should be 1.2Ghz. But someone on android forums has reported that this is ...
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