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Headphone jack dusty or broken?

Recently I have been having trouble with my LG Optimus F60. At first, whenever I'm listening to music through Google play music, the music suddenly stops halfway and when I click the play button, it ...
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CWM - Can I make CWM mount a different External SD Card Partition - LG e400f

As stated in the title I want to be able to mount my SD cards 3rd Partition, this is because that is were all my files are and I would like to be able to backup to this partition. Phone: LG e400f ...
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Insufficient storage space problem in LG Optimus with only two apps installed

I got a new phone about a month ago, the LG Optimus. I factory reset it two times. Right now, I only have two apps, Messenger, and the game Siegefall, and already my phone is saying I have ...
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