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Why does Android OS need custom ROMs for OS upgrades?

I have a discontinued LG L5 E455 Android phone that came with Android 4.1.2 OS. I am forced to upgrade the OS because most of the apps I need to install are not compatible with this version of OS, ...
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LG L5 E612 Random Restart Problem

I have an LG Optimus L5 (LG-E612) that has been acting up since five days ago. I would like to wipe device clean and do not mind if I lose data I have on device, however, I unable to do this. ...
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Play Store crashes when menu or back button are tapped

Since the Play Store was updated to version 4.9.13 on my LG Optimus L5II (LG-E450f), it crashes every time the menu or back button are tapped. Click image for larger version. Everything else ...
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Stop android from automatically uploading images to dropbox and facebook [duplicate]

My wife has an Optimus LG. Every photo she takes automatically syncs with Dropbox and Facebook. I have looked but I can't see a way to stop this. How can I stop this behavior?
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How to turn off the LG Optimus L5 screen magnifier?

That is the problem. I've already made a hard reset (press power button + vol. down key then pressing the home key) without luck. The screen is stuck magnified and I can't do anything. Screenshot (...
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Need to force close the "Phone" (Dialer) app manually

I have LG E612 (Jelly bean 4.1.2). My problem is, my phone (dialer) app will not close automatically when I press "Back" from dialer to Home screen. Phone app is still running in background, and I ...
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MicroSD and/or internal storage of LG Optimus E615f phone doesn't mount on GNU/Linux

Yes, I do have that phone, rooted few seconds ago. Anyway, is practically impossible for me to be able to mount my MicroSD and/or phone's internal storage on GNU/Linux even if the USB mode is turn to "...
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LG L5 restarts every minute

I don't know what I've done to my LG L5, but now it's just restarting and restarting. I've rooted my phone using adb and installed ClockworkMod recovery, but now it just restarts every time it loads ...
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The odyssey for CM10, all i get is a bootloop. How can i solve this?

I'm here to discuss about the unlocking of my new LG Optimus L5. I'll start saying that it come oot with Android 4.1.2 and the LG mod v20b. I wanted to delete all the LG stuffs that slow the phone so ...
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LG Optimus L5 e610 randomly reboots

I have got the phone of my sister in law. It is a LG Optimus L5 e610. While trying to flash CM it has been bricked. It is constantly rebooting after media scanning. It reboots even in the bootloader (...
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How to change/remove icons on LG lock screen?

I have LG Optimus L5 with Android 4.0.3. When screen is locked there are four icons (Phone, Messaging, E-mail, Camera) in the bottom of it. If I tap on it and slide, screen unlocks and the tapped app ...
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