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My mobile carrier is upgrading their network; must I replace my phone?

My mobile carrier is upgrading their network from 3G to LTE. I'm using a LG V20 phone, model LG-H915 to be precise. So far, I have been contacted twice by them, claiming that my phone and SIM card ...
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How can there be two separate Android System under "Running services"?

My Verizon LG V20 (Android 8.0) appears to be running two Android Systems at the same time, but, I'm pretty sure that isn't possible. Am I wrong on this or am I seeing things? Also, the timing ...
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Why different pictures are loading on boot, and images disappearing, then reappearing on its own?

I am using a non-rooted LG V20, Android Oreo I believe. I am having a problem in which the phone randomly loads different "sets" of pictures - sometimes current photos disappear and older pictures ...
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How to find out what is causing vibration when sending and receiving texts?

After updating my LG V20 phone to 8.0, everytime I get a text message my phone vibrates twice. My phone has also started vibrating when I send a text. I am using the message app that came with the ...
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