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Free location- and event-based automation tool for Android

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How do I run a Tasker task from inside Llama?

I want to run a tasker task from inside of Llama. If possible, with a parameter. Setting up intents is extremely painful, and not user friendly. I'm fine with intents if there is a simple, ...
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Enable/Disable application-specific settings (updates, upload) for a specific WiFi

I would like to automate my android phone to do the following: if connected_to_wifi(ssid=my_mobile_3g_router) then (1) disable automatic google play updates (2) turn off dropbox camera upload ...
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Deleting an event in llama

I'm trying to figure out how to use Llama. However, I'm having difficulty figuring out something that seems like it should be obvious. Namely, how do I delete an event in Llama once I have defined it? ...
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Current profile as condition in llama

Llama is a great tool, but I cannot figure out one (maybe) simple thing. I have a rule that sets the volume low at night (10pm - 6 am) and it works fine. Last night (9pm) I was at the cinema and ...
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Send tweet automatically using an Intent?

I'd like to send a DM automatically from Llama. Llama supports Intents, but I can't work out how to send a tweet via an Intent in the background. Is this possible?
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Can you stop your phone vibrating when changing to vibrate mode (without disabling vibrate altogether)?

Samsung S4 running Android 4.4.2 I use the Llama app to manage my profiles depending on where I am (work, home, cinema, etc.). This works well until Llama doesn't know where I am and can change ...
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Can Llama events call other events?

I find that I have a number of different "trigger situations", or sets of conditions that trigger an event. So I have an event for each one. But I also find that many of these events have basically ...
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2 answers

Periodic sync of data using Llama

Is it possible to set an Event using Llama, to repeat each hour that switches on the 3G connection, syncs data and then turns off the 3G connection again. I would like to use this during work hours ...
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Llama event on manual profile change

Can I call an event in Llama on manual profile change? E.g. Change profile to Develop = when connected to laptop disable screen lock, always on etc.
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Samsung S3 Mini power save mode activity

I'd like to use power saving feature available in Samsung's TouchWiz in Llama but the only way to do this is to tell Llama particular activity/intent to run I guess. As in this thread on XDA. I'm ...
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Set up alarm clock in llama based on location

Is there a way to set up an alarm clock based on your location using llama? I am using a HTC Desire X with Android 4.1.1. I guess that I will need to use Alarm clock app somehow, I am just not sure ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Can I program Tasker-like programs to do stuff if specific WiFi network is in range?

I'd like to try out Tasker, Llama or some such automated program. However, I do NOT want to program events based on GPS or other location information (for a variety of reasons not germane to this ...
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How do I keep given apps always running? Looking for how to relaunch them periodically

Throughout the day, my phone's kernel kills my memory-resident apps at random, probably because the phone had run out of memory. The apps are Backitude, Dropsync, Llama, MightyText, and Screebl. (...
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Is there an intent for telling Play Store to update all apps, or turn auto update on?

I own a Samsung Galaxy S2, running the official ICS OS. I want to use the Llama app (too poor for Tasker!) to tell my phone to update all apps whenever I am connected to certain Wi-Fi networks (but ...
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Are there intents for controlling Cyanogenmod profiles?

I'd like to use Llama. Instead of its own profiles I want to keep using the ones provided by Cyanogenmod because of their better integration. Is Ist possible to change them using llama, ie are there ...
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