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1 answer

Lookout gives malware scare when initializing phone or after factory reset

When initializing my new (not pre-owned) Samsung Galaxy S7 for the first time or for subsequent times after factory resets, the notification shade shows regarding the Lookout app: "Scan complete. 323 ...
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1 answer

Undesired download of Baidu Browser

new Android user with the world's most low end tablet, Azpen A727. I'm enjoying learning about Android and have killed off most of the bloatware...but twice now "Baidu Browser" has been downloaded ...
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2 answers

Lookout - Which application is trying to access the system with no authorization

Is there any log where I can check which unknown source app is trying to access the phone without authorization? Lookout keeps popping up this message but don't tell me which application is! It ...
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1 answer

Lookout security not working

I successfully installed Lookout but when I try to open it it says "Unfortunately Lookout, has stopped. I tried reinstalling it. I can see it running in the notification bar e.g. it says it has ...
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How do I remove text from my lock screen on my nextbook?

I downloaded the Lookout security app. The first time I installed it it asked for something to write when I report my device was stolen. After deleting the app numerous times it still will not remove ...
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