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1 answer

Sound coming from ear speaker only on Samsung S22

My Samsung S22 currently has a weird issue since a few days ago where any sound is currently only output via the ear speaker. During calls the sound output is very quiet on the ear speaker, people's ...
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How to "Suppress Beep Sound At Recognition Start" on Gboard voice input?

When using Gboard voice to text input, an atrocious bell sounds to prompt the user to start talking. It wakes up the ... Sure, I could turn down its volume with the four Android volume sliders. Indeed,...
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Android 10: How can I switch to external loudspeakers during a call (the screen is black and locked and nothing happens if I plug the loudspeakers)?

I have a Motorola "moto e" phone running Android 10. Unlike in the case of my old Windows Phone when, during a call, it was enough to plug the 3.5 mm jack with 3 contacts of my external ...
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Microphone does not work when speaker is on

So, for a few days I have been having problems with my microphone on video call or call with loudspeakers. I tried Whatsapp video call, Whatsapp voice call with loudspeaker, Zoom, and Google Meet and ...
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How to make phone say something from commandline

I want to send a command which makes the phone say something. Is there any way I can install such a command, or is there one that I don't know about? The phone is rooted so I have full access to it ...
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Is it possible to listen audio via telephone hole?

When speaking phone I can listen audio both via small ear hole and via loud speaker. But when I am playing audio like in web page I hear it only loud. Is it possible to pass sound via ear hole in ...
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WhatsApp call/LINE call over phone speaker and Spotify music over Bluetooth speaker at the same time

I connected my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to my car's Bluetooth and started to call my friend using the phone's loudspeaker on WhatsApp or LINE app. However, I also want to listen to music on the Spotify ...
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Every microphone app for using with AUX has a loud noise in the background

Every app that I download for android with the function of using android as an external microphone (For example, attaching the fone to pc using an AUX cable) produces an noise that is very loud, and I ...
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Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker connection flickering, loose contact

Issue The issue happens on my samsung Galaxy S3 model SGH-I747M. The loud speaker doesn't work anymore unless I "hit" the back of my phone until it work again. But then I need to be VERY careful, ...
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How to redirect sound to loudspeaker from arbitrary app

My Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with a front-speaker and a back-loudspeaker. From some applications, such as the Phone app, it is possible to press a software button during a call to redirect the sound ...
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