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End-to-End Encryption IMAP client

I recently discovered that Outlook for Android uses an intermediate server for IMAP connections, meaning that: mail is accessed in plain-text by a third-party credentials are known in plain-text by a ...
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Where do I find emails sent from the Samsung Mail App using a POP3 Mail Account?

I have a Samsung Smartphone with a POP3 Mail Account on Samsung Standard Mail App. I need the Emails I've sent with this account in my new Exchange Account on another device? I think I may be able to ...
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How to disable alerts for email in subfolders?

The base Android email app on my honor 7 displays alerts for all mail regardless of folder. I don't want to see any of the high volume subfolders i have, just stuff sent straight to my top level inbox ...
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Which precise commands allow me to send a mail locally with Termux

Which precise commands allows me to send a mail locally I would be able to do it with mutt but how do I start a SMTP server?
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How does one enforce a secure lockscreen on Android mail clients?

Okay, the situation. We have a Dovecot+Postfix based mail server with the SOGo groupware providing calendaring and contacts. All three provide TLS-based services to the public Internet. A few of us ...
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Can I generate the GPG key inside R2Mail2?

I just installed R2Mail2 and it seems to work fine so far, but I didn't understand the key generation procedure at the beginning. What is this key for? Is this already a new GPG key-pair I can use? ...
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