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A media button is a button usually embedded into the earphones that came with the device.

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How to make PC work as Bluetooth headphones with Android devices?

I use my Android tablet/phone as a second screen and play media on it (YouTube videos, music, etc.) and send the audio to my PC where I listen to it through headphones. I use the application "...
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Responding to media button when media player is closed

According to what is clearly described here: when I press the media button (PTT button in my unihertz Titan Pocket) after completely ...
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How to control volume for Chromecast with Google TV from your phone AND have 5.1 surround support

I have just bought a new Chromecast with Google TV and hooked it up to my A/V-Receiver+Beamer setup, but I will refer to it as "TV" further on as it doesn't make a difference here. According ...
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Remap Bluetooth headset buttons on Android

I have my Bluetooth headset and it has 3 buttons: BACK/Volume- NEXT/Volume+ PLAY/STOP I need to map one button (any of these) to take action after pressing (e.g. turn on the flashlight, or directly ...
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Bluetooth media buttons don't work when phone is locked

I have bluetooth headphones (Anker) which include a play/pause button. This button only works when the phone (Nokia 3.1) is unlocked. How can I enable bluetooth media buttons to work when the screen ...
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Remap Bluetooth Headset's media key [Android 9]

Setup: OnePlus 5t, Android 9.0, not rooted Bluetooth 5.0 headset with one media button A single tab on the media button starts the Google Voice Control / Assistant, there is no way to change a tab ...
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ADB shell input keypress play/pause doesn't work in Netflix/Hulu Android apps?

I'm trying to control my Android Box (running Android 6.0, my guess is a modified version of a phone's os, definitely not the official android tv os) via adb for a home automation project & I'm ...
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Disable telephone control (answer call, call) from Bluetooth headphones

Is there a way to disable telephone control (answer call, call) from Bluetooth headphones? I just want to listen to music.
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Android 5.0.1 doesn't handling additional media buttons

when I use android 4.4.4 (Galaxy Nexus) minus button plays next song. plus button plays previous song. But android 5.0 (Nexus 4) no actions for these buttons. if android no longer support these ...
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Why no consistent headset control?

I'm a recent convert to Android (I have a Moto X on AT&T) and I'm running into a problem that I never had with my iPhones: the button on my headset sometimes works; sometimes doesn't. It upsets me ...
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Change action of headset button

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. When I connect my headset and press the button on the headset, it plays/pauses the music. Actually, I need to record calls, so when I press the headset ...
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How do I turn off speech search in Jelly Bean?

I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S 2, and last night I updated it to Jelly Bean in hopes that it might solve a few small bugs. Most everything seems to be working as hoped. However, one new ...
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Shuffle Controls work with Android?

I've used an iPod Shuffle for the past year and have come to appreciate the control "pod" on the headphones. Here's a link to the Sony buds I use. The controls up by the ear work very well on long ...
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