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A media button is a button usually embedded into the earphones that came with the device.

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Change action of headset button

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. When I connect my headset and press the button on the headset, it plays/pauses the music. Actually, I need to record calls, so when I press the headset ...
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Why no consistent headset control?

I'm a recent convert to Android (I have a Moto X on AT&T) and I'm running into a problem that I never had with my iPhones: the button on my headset sometimes works; sometimes doesn't. It upsets me ...
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Remap Bluetooth Headset's media key [Android 9]

Setup: OnePlus 5t, Android 9.0, not rooted Bluetooth 5.0 headset with one media button A single tab on the media button starts the Google Voice Control / Assistant, there is no way to change a tab ...
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