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How do I speed up media scanning?

When putting new music files or images onto the sd card of my android phone, android needs to scan for new files. Is there any way to speed up this process? E.g. putting all files in one directory? ...
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Which directories does the Media Scanner scan?

Which directories does the Media Scanner scan at startup? Is it only the sdcard?
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1 answer

Is it possible to have a media folder inside a .nomedia folder?

I have a folder with various folders and subfolders where I don't want my content to be scanned. Inside that folder I have put a .nomedia file to prevent media scanning. Now, I have a single folder (...
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How to turn off media search?

I have a Samsung GT i5800 and every time I turn it on, or just put a new SD card in it it says "Media search is running" (@the notifications) - How can I turn this feature OFF? Is it needed? What ...
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How search for similar images in the phone? [duplicate]

I am looking for an equivalent functionality that is available on the desktop Google Search page: upload an image and search for similar ones. Unfortunately once Google recognizes that I am on the ...