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Meizu is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that also develops Flyme OS.

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How to turn off system-level push notification from phone vendor's message Flyme?

My system is Flyme OS on the Meizu brand. Even though I have uninstalled the application, I still receive notifications from that software, and after some searching for information, I understand that ...
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Modify the Chinese date localization in the quick settings of Flyme Stable (SystemUI.apk modification)

I translated the firmware Flyme Stable (RU & UA) for Meizu Note 9 and Meizu 8X, but I can’t kill the Chinese in the quick settings: The fact is that China’s events are taking place there ...
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Settings app keeps crashing on Meizu M6

When I try to open the Setting app on my Meizu M6 (with Flyme, it stays on for like a half a second and then closes. Usually when this happens to me, what I do is clear the cache or if that ...
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Unbricking a hard bricked Meizu M3 Note

I got an old and bricked Meizu M3 Note to fix it. The device isn't mine so I don't know what caused the brick. The device doesn't respond to anything - when clicking the power button or trying to boot ...
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No sound with bluetooth headphones on Meizu M2

I have a Meizu M2 and Bluetooth headphones. The headphones are paired, and the controls from the headphones work (next, prev, play, pause), but there is no sound. Note that the sound does not come out ...
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