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Regarding notifications or logs of incoming calls that were not answered.

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Android Missed Call Notification Sound/Chime

Consider this scenario. I am listening to music on my android phone and I have DND mode on and set to priority only. A spam call comes in and my phone dutifully blocks the call right away but the ...
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Auto SMS reply a missed call from a specific contact anytime

I am looking for a solution to auto SMS reply a missed call from a specific contact anytime. All solution I found are either for all contacts, or for limited time intervals. Anyone has an idea?
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Missed calls log not showing in Lenovo A7000

My mobile is Lenovo A7000 with Android lolipop Recently I the missed call logs not showing, sometimes for one or the other number it shows, it might be stored contact or new but the log is not ...
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how do I remove a missed call notification?

I don't want to disable missed call notifications And I don't have a "locked screen". Somebody called me, I missed the call but I met them. I don't need to call them back, so I don't want to tap the ...
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Missed call notification shown even in auto rejecting or deliberate rejection?

I have a Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 tablet which is updated to the latest version of Android (4.2.2) using the following official ROM from SAMMOBILE. My problem is even when I deliberately reject someone'...
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Simulate missed call from ADB shell

On the ADB shell, I run the command adb -s <serial_number> shell am start -a android.intent.action.CALL -d tel:123456 to place a call on my testing device. It works great. But I also want to ...
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How to automatically send an SMS if a call is missed?

Due to a busy schedule, missed call are a constant, and many times the person calling insists on keep calling until I answer. The ideia is to automatically send an SMS with a pre-defined message to ...
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android missed call notifications not going

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6012. Long time back (I do not remember when) I've got a call. Even though I answered that call, it was put as missed call. Since then it shows a missed call alert in my phone....
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Missed call alerts when phone busy on another call?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Y phone with Gingerbread. I have just discovered that I do not receive any kind of missed call notifications when my phone is busy on another call. I am quite shocked as this ...
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Free / local voicemail / answering machine [closed]

My carrier having pretty high monthly prices for voicemail, I did not take the service. However, when I'm at school, unable to answer, and my busy doctor calls me, knowing I probably won't be able to ...
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missed calls not appearing as notifications

I have a HTC one x with the default HTC sense. Missed calls do not appear in the notification list which is frustrating ... The calls appear in the call history log so it knows about them. I've also ...
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The name "Alicia Han" appears to be calling!

I think there's a bug in Android where some Alicia Han appears to be calling. This happens some times if you hang up on someone calling you, or you have a missed call. The name appears in the instant ...
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Phone doesn't ring or show missed call, later a voicemail appears

I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy 2 and have had a sporadic problem: A person calls me, my phone doesn't ring, kicks them over to voice mail, doesn't show as a missed call, and then the voice mail ...
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Recovering a Missed Call

I just received a call today, but my phone locked up during the call, and when I went to the missed call list, the number didn't show up. Is there any way to somehow recover the number that was ...
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Disable Missed Call Notifications

Is there a way to disable missed call notifications? I haven't found it in any settings on the device, but I'm wondering if anyone knows a trick to disable them. Possibly an app that someone knows of? ...
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No calls and messages before first call/message

My Samsung Galaxy Spica (GT-I5700) has this problem: when it first starts or resume from airplane mode (i.e. when turning off airplane mode), the GSM network status appears to be normal (full signal) ...
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How to stop a phone from ringing without rejecting the call?

Sometimes I don't want to take a call, but I don't want him to know that. So I left the phone be until it stops, so it would appear that I'm away from phone or something and I miss the call. Can I ...
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