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How to change .kl file without root

I am using Xiaomi phone(redmi note 7, miui 12, mobile says it has full OTG support) and I would like to use games with my Xbox 360 wired controller. When I plugged it in, the light just flashed, and ...
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MIUI: Turn off auto flash off feature with power button

My Device: POCO M2 Pro Useless Feature: If flashlight is on and screen is turned off, then pressing the power button will turn off the flashlight first instead of waking the screen. My Question: How ...
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Phone vibrates only for first notification

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, MIUI 12.5.1 (Android 11) When the phone receives a stream of notifications (e.g. 1 message per 7 seconds), only the first notification is accompanied by vibration - other ones ...
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XLogger on Xiaomi?

Installed a simple file explorer on my pocket telescreen, Xiaomi MI 8 Pro, right now is running on unrooted MIUI 12.04 It happens that I have found a .log file, (completely by accident) with hundreds ...
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Cannot sign in Mi account after MIUI 12 update on Redmi Note 8

Recently I updated my Redmi Note 8 to the MIUI. Since then, I get this notification. I've tried "signing in" again but it doesn't work. Also can't sign in more than one google account ...
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Can't enable notifications for SMS messages with MIUI 12

I'm using a Xiaomi 9 SE phone, with MIUI 12.0.2 (global). I'm not getting notifications about incoming SMSes! :-( I tried the general phone settings, under Notifications; the slider toggle for SMSes ...
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Export Recorder tracks preserve file dates

I need to copy tracks from the system app Recorder (apk: onto Google Drive and/or Linux PC with file dates preserved. I've tried Send and Save options to phone SD and Google ...
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Local Calendar events disappeared

I tried to remove a repeating calendar event from the unsynchronized Local Calendar account using the stock calendar app1. At first I thought that all calendar events were deleted (not just the ...
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Display additional button in Menu Bar

In Android 10, MIUI 12.0.2, how does one display, in the Menu Bar, the button to show the Toggles? By Toggles I mean the following menu that appears if one scrolls down at the top So far, the Menu ...
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