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MIUI is a custom android UI that runs on devices manufactured by Xiaomi(Mi,Redmi,Poco). MIUI 13 is the upcoming latest UI that arrive in Dec 2021, which is based on Android 12 version on some new devices. MIUI 13 also have similar features like Material You in Stock Android 12.

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Firefox cannot access internet with mobile data (but does with Wi-Fi). Chrome works with both

My phone is a Xiaomi Poco X3 pro, running Android 12 (QKQ1), and it says it has MIUI Global 13.0.4 stable. Firefox is version 118.1.1. With Firefox, I am able to access the internet through Wi-Fi, but ...
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Android MIUI 13 upgrade: app permission messed up

After the upgrade from MIUI 12 to MIUI 13 on my Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC, the app permissions somehow got messed up. For example: I have some apps that usually run in the background and they now get ...
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root - Can't edit hosts file

I am using Redmi Note 11 running on Custom ROM - Xiaomi Eu Specs: My device is rooted via Magisk. I want to edit the hosts file. I have tried using ADB, CX File Explorer, X-Plore Manager but I am ...
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Can't boot with OSS kernel

When booting with self-compiled kernel, this error appears in console-ramoops: [ 36.154875] (6)[5679:idmap2]WARNING: CPU: 6 PID: 5679 at fs/buffer.c:1154 __ext4_handle_dirty_super+0x50/0x1a8 [ 36....
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Unable to uninstall Microsoft Launcher or Microsoft Family Safety. Apps are installed back automatically

I have migrated my daughters phone from Microsoft Launcher to Google Family Link. Everything works as expected (or even better) but the problem we're facing is that we cannot uninstall Microsoft stuff ...
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Google Messages: Contact names are not displayed

Recently, I've found that Google Messages doesn't show a contact name for most of the messages. It's just a phone number displayed. When I click on Details, there is no contact information. When I go ...
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Access cloned apps data in Android 12

I am trying to extract the image folder for the cloned Telegram app from my Redmi Note 10 Pro (Android 12, MIUI 13.0.15, no root), but with no success. This folder is under /emulated/999/android/data, ...
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No microphone (one way, out) when first initiating a call with someone (Redmi Note 9S)

I've been experiencing strange behaviour when making calls with my Redmi Note 9S. Whenever I try to call someone or pickup a call from someone, if it's the first time I've called them in an unknown ...
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Way to switch between users via shortcut/intent/activity?

I have a device with MIUI 13, that removed (hid) the Android stock multi-user feature that I need. I recalled the activity to show the multi-user feature in settings via shortcut maker (adding ...
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Notification badge counter disappears on dismissing the notification

Device : Redmi Note 11 (MIUI with Android 11) using the default launcher Problem: Whenever a notification gets dismissed (even without opening it) the badge counter attached to the ...
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Issue with the "open with" option Miui13/Android12

I have an issue with my smartphone, the "open with" option doesn't work properly, so when I click on a link (from gmail for example or to open a file) normally I am given the choice to ...
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Default Launcher still running and using RAM. How can I stop it without root?

I am running a stock MIUI system launcher on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. Today, I changed my launcher to Nova Launcher, and set it as default. And, I tried to force stop the MIUI System Launcher, but ...
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