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Motorola Moto X Play IMEI=0

I accidentally ran fastboot erase all and now the IMEI isn't being recognized on stock ROM. fastboot getvar imei returns the correct number, but no matter what ROM I try, it doesn't show in settings ...
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Is it possible to migrate an SD card formatted as adopted storage to a new phone without reformatting?

My phone (Moto X Pure 2015, a.k.a. Clark) hates me. It's a refurb that I doubt was properly fixed, which was a replacement for my last one that had a bad USB port, but the issues didn't start until ...
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SD Internal make my Motorola X Play 3rd generation reboot and unmount sdcard

I bought the fastest 32 GB SDCard : Sandisk Extreme USH-I card ( Ultra HD ) Then, I formatted it as Internal Storage ( I have Android 6) Now, my phone reboots sometimes, and also my sdcard is ...
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Moto X Play notifications

As everyone knows Moto X Play does not have any LED notification. It becomes very difficult without LED notification. You'd need to take your mobile to check of there's any missed call, message or ...
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adb backup on Marshmallow - is it different?

Device and settings: Moto X Play ( Stock 6.0.1), unrooted, USB debugging enabled in developer options and verified using adb devices. Other USB/ Developer options, as in pic below Enabled desktop ...
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Uninstall marshmallow updates

I am using motorola Moto X Play it is shipped with android lollipop 5.0, recently I got notification to update to android marshmallow 6.0, after update I am not able to move applications to memory ...
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why Moto x play does not have contacts feature like samsung? why it does not have an option to save contacts to phone memory?

I am little bit disappointed after buying Motorola phone. I was aware that it removes bloatware app but on the other hand, it has very poor contacts app/feature. I had earlier used Samsung phones and ...
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