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A custom UI and set of frameworks and services designed by Motorola Mobility for some of their Android devices. Motoblur emphasizes social networking widgets and integration.

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Droid 3 Gallery Generating Errorneous Thumbnails; Possibly Due to Infinite Loop, .nomedia glitch?

I have a stock Motorola Droid 3 on Verizon. The device is not currently rooted. I am not sure if the Gallery app on my phone is specific to the Motoblur UI. I was testing the .nomedia trick/hack, by ...
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Why is there a blank white space under some Apps?

This seems to happen in any app that uses some kind of comment display thing. Here are some pictures. (sorry that they're not screenshots, I don't think it's possible without root) This also happens ...
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Why am I getting an 'Invalid Server Certificate' error when retrieving email even though I have the 'Verify Certificate' setting disabled?

I'm trying to configure my phone to sync with my work email account. I'm accessing it through OWA (Outlook Web Access). With the default settings, when the phone attempts to retrieve incoming mail, ...
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Revert from MIUI to Motoblur

I am a proud owner of Motorola Defy. A few months ago I upgraded my defy from 2.1 to 2.2. Although it had new features it became a bit laggy and so finally I decided to root my defy and install MIUI ...
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What are the features that Motoblur has that vanilla Android does not have?

What are the features that Motoblur has that vanilla Android does not have?
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Can I flash a Motorola Charm with a T-mobile update?

I recently bought a Motorola Charm with a Motoblur logo on it, but it doesn't appear to actually have Motoblur installed! There's no message widget, no Facebook update widget, no sign in for first use ...
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Motorola Defy does not sync to GMail

I have purchased a Motorola Defy some time ago, and imported my address book from my old featurephone using the SIM card. Under Settings / Account now I have two accounts listed in the Motoblur ...
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Droid X - is Blur home running when you use Launcher Pro?

Based on the process list in ATK, it appears that Blur home (including the widgets) are loaded and running - and can't be turned off in any way - when you are using Launcher Pro as your home ...
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Disable HTML Emails in composer

how do I disable the default sending of emails in html format? I would like to compose emails in the text format but I can't find a way to do that. Ideally, this should be the default behaviour with ...
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How to remove MotoBLUR from Motorola Charm MB502 phone?

I have a T-Mobile branded Motorola Charm (MB502) phone that I bought for my wife. It's a capable little device, but it's being slowed down to a crawl by MotoBLUR. I'd like to know if there is a way ...
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How do I prod my Droid 2 into resync'ing Facebook profile pictures?

The Motorola Droid 2 supports, from out-of-the-box, the notion of logging in with not only a Google account, but also a Facebook and Twitter account, and maintains three separate groups of contacts ...
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How to deactivate Motoblur and undesirable services on Motorola Defy?

Is it possible to deactivate Motoblur sync and undesirable services on Motorola Defy like: FeedRecieverService NewsRecieverService WeatherService (all lanched by app.) Because I really don't care ...
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