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Cannot read Android Partition Image created using ADB

I am currently working on a Mobile Forensics demonstration for my college's computer science capstone. For this demonstration I have been trying to create a partition image of the an old Droid x2 user ...
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Can't attach photos to tweets

I'm using the official Twitter app on my Droid X2. Whenever I select a photo from the gallery, it waits for a few seconds on the Edit Photo screen, then returns to the Compose screen without attaching ...
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Symbolic link to Dropbox [duplicate]

So I had this crazy idea: I could play GBA games on my computer AND phone, using Dropbox to sync the save files, and a symbolic link to get the emulator app on my phone to find the save file. However, ...
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Rooting and flashing the DX2

I have a DX2 I recently rooted (2.3.5) with some self root package. However, I didn't realize virtually all of the CM roms require 2.3.4. So now I need to SBF back to 2.3.4, re-root and flash. I'd ...
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Eclipse ROM on Droid X2 = no Wifi

Having a problem with a Droid X2 after installing the Eclipse ROM. The Wifi connection won't connect, and upon looking in the settings window it just says, "Error". Phone-> About shows version 2.3....
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Droid X2 constantly changing USB mode to PC mode

So I'm trying to manually backup my SD card and transfer over files to flash the CM9 alpha4 to my phone, but it apparently decided to just start automatically switching to PC Mode. No matter how many ...
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Will encrypting my Droid X2's SD card make me lose the ability to view files on it from my PC?

I recently purchased my first smartphone, a Droid X2. I was listening to the radio and heard security advice about protecting data on smartphones. It specifically said you should install antivirus ...
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Choppy Droid X2 720p Video Recording

When recording video through the Camera app to my external microSD card, the video starts to become laggy and choppy, which results in the file becoming corrupt. This only seems to happen when I'm ...
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