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For questions about the Motorola Moto E only. Moto E is a low cost Android smartphone developed and manufactured by Motorola Mobility.

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Is it safe to clear data for gallery?

I have a Motorola Moto E (Gen 1). I've observed that the gallery app from Motorola takes up 50.13 MB under 'Data'. My question is: Is it safe to select the 'Clear Data' option? Will I lose the ...
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Moto E Not Starting Properly After Changing runtime to ART

I have recently bought a MOTO E and it's working cool. Then I have enabled Developer options and changed my runtime from Dalvik to ART. Afterwards I restarted my device. I got the message saying ...
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Moto E being charged for mobile data even if it's turned off on Vodafone Karnataka SIM [closed]

I have very recently purchased Moto E and using Vodafone Karnataka SIM. I have disabled mobile data and work only with WiFi. Even after this, I see I am being charged with 0 MB data usage. (Click ...
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Battery Issues-Moto E

I am facing battery issues from days,the battery does not survive even a day even without using the internet. Tried uninstalling some apps but there is no effect. It is happening 10 days after 4.4.4 ...
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Moto E is not switching on after changing runtime to ART

I changed the runtime option from Dalvik to ART. It asked for a restart. When I did the restart, Moto E has been stuck in boot time. When I hold the power button for sometime, it starts again. It ...
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How to delete dumpstate/logcat on Moto E

My phone is running out of internal memory. So I searched online and found a solution, which was to dial *#9900# and then delete dumpstate/logcat. But when I dial the same on my MOTO E, I dont see ...
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I Can't List Zipped Images in TWRP

I'm new to the Android world when it comes to these matters, so I ask for your patience if I say something wrong. I have a Motorola Moto E5 Plus cell phone and I used my Linux Ubuntu to help with the ...
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No Operacional System Android is Installed

I was trying to install the ROM system-squeak-arm64-ab-gogapps from the project treble_experimentations and I reported some of this in this question, however, It may not be so now. In short, in my ...
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