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4 votes
2 answers

Motorola Triumph changes Volume between Songs or with Notifications

I have a VirginMobile Motorola Triumph, stock but rooted. I listen to music with both Pandora and Google's Play Music app. When listening to music, the volume has two modes, 'soft', in which all the ...
1 vote
1 answer

Froyo Sound Management

I pickup up a Motorola Triumph (running Froyo) for Virgin Mobile a couple weeks ago. I like the thing, but I just don't understand Android's sound management. Let me explain: Setting SilentMode ...
1 vote
0 answers

Motorola Triumph & HyperShell in Titanium Backup

It would seem that Titanium Backup, everyone's favorite root backup tool (right?), does not particularly like the Motorola Triumph—or vice versa. I've been having problems with restoring apps (only ...
1 vote
2 answers

Walking between Wi-Fi access points causes network to be disabled

Testing my new Motorola Triumph the last couple of days, I've noticed issues with the Wi-Fi. Aside from connection attempts to the 802.1x EAP network at school causing reboots (a known problem with ...