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What is the package name of the default overlay audio/music/MP3 player of Android 9?

I have accidentally disabled it on my Samsung A40 by doing pm uninstall --user 0 in the adb shell and would like to reinstall it, but cannot remember the package name. The player is very minimalist, ...
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how can I download lyrics for audio files?

In the past and in others platforms I was used to plays mp3 and downloads txt/lrc lyrics from internet how can I download lyrics for lacally stored mp3 files? The app minilyrics for android is ...
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1 answer

Is there no basic mp3 player?

I use Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. Previously I could play mp3 files with the "music" application. Now I have 10 players but the plain "music" player is gone and no builtin player can play an mp3 file ...
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How to share my mp3 collection with my family's android devices?

I have a collection of CDs that I ripped to mp3 to listen on my android phone. My kids want to listen to some of them on their android phones as well. Is there a way to share my mp3 collection with ...
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MP3 player occasionally resets playlist

I'm using the standard MP3 player on Android 4.3. Whenever I listen to long pieces of music and I pause for several minutes and/or unplug the headphones (not sure of the exact cause), the playlist ...
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Songs appearing twice in many mp3 apps, though there is only one file per song

I have reordered my mp3 collection with the excellent easyTag tool. Now on my LG-430 and on my Xperia Z1 compact, in the native music players of the smartphones as well as in the external apps ...
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Can I put a 128Gb micro sd card in a Samsung Galaxy s2?

I have an untouched Samsung Galaxy S2 just out of its box, though this model of phone is rather old and came out in 2012. I was wondering could I stick this brand new technology sd card into it? http:...
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2 answers

How can I backup playlists or extract path+filename information from them (generated with builtin MP3-player)?

I like to extract playlist information (i.e. path and filenames) I've created on Android's builtin MP3-player, to copy it with the MP3 files to a bigger SDHC card. Playlist information is lost when ...
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3 answers

Mp3 not showing in library

I spent an hour trying to get this to work so I could get some sleep in my noisy hospital bed last night. I wanted to listen to some noise on loop. I downloaded some waves lapping type music. It's ...
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Any app play VBR MP3 files?

Does any Android app play Variable Bit Rate MP3 files, while not demanding Internet access and access to my Contacts? I used soundconverter on my Xubuntu PC to convert MP4 files to MP3 and they play ...
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3 answers

Can I change the download path for the Amazon MP3 cloud?

I want to download my music from the cloud through the Amazon MP3 app, but whenever I download it always puts it in the "amazonmp3" folder on my phone's internal drive. This is kind of annoying ...
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3 answers

Sync MP3 Ratings on Android, with MediaMonkey / MusicBee on Windows

Both MediaMonkey and MusicBee, as music players let you 'rate' songs from 1 to 5 stars. I would like to have this functionality as well in an Android app. The main problem is syncing these ratings. ...
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How can I use the camera button to pause/resume mp3?

How can I change camera button functionally and use it (or any other physical button) to pause/resume mp3 in a media player app? It is very important for my, because I want be able to pause/resume mp3 ...
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6 votes
4 answers

What if I don't want my music on the cloud?

I just got my Nexus 7 tablet and I was trying to load some music/videos to it. I have about 10 gigs worth of .mp3 files with no DRM in my computer. Since this is Android, I figured I would not be ...
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1 answer

Is there a music player that can play music from the Google Music Store as well as Amazon MP3? [closed]

It's getting really annoying that the music I "buy" in the different music stores on Android (Google Play and Amazon MP3 specifically) aren't visible to other music players even when I make them ...
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1 answer

How to configure Amazon Cloud Player (Amazon MP3) to ignore podcasts in list of on-device music?

Amazon Cloud Player (aka Amazon MP3) displays all mp3 files, even those that are podcasts (which I use the DoggCatcher to listen to). Is there some way to tell the Cloud Player to ignore podcasts so ...
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6 answers

How do I play MP3s from my Dropbox?

I have the Dropbox app on my Droid, and it can "download" files to the local storage on the phone, but for some reason, the music player app can't see those files. How do I make the music playing ...
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Unsupported File Type: Why did my Samsung Galaxy S suddenly stop supporting MP3s?

All of a sudden my Samsung Galaxy S claims to not support mp3 files (the phone has been idle for a few hours, I did not touch anything). Ogg files however still play without problems. When this ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Which apps do gapless music playback? [closed]

Are there any apps around that are good at gapless audio playback? I listen to a lot of music that continues from one track to another and the stock app puts a small but noticeable gap between tracks.
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1 answer

any way to edit id tag inside android phone?

any way how to edit (mp3) id tags inside my android? HTC Desire 2.1 I am used to play my music using winamp with right click on directory and select 'play in winamp'. In that case it doesn't matter ...
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Programmable MP3 player with audio recording capability

I'm looking for a device that: Is programmable like the iTouch, Android, devices. I'd rather not go Apple, but the iTouch is a nice device. I want a line-in jack or at least the ability to connect a ...
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