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Microsoft Office Lens Multi-page Scanning

The Microsoft Office Lens app used to have multi-page support, but now I can't find the option. Did Microsoft remove it? If not, how do I access the multi-page scanning feature?
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How can I save a word document (from Word Android app) to Google drive?

There are options for OneDrive and Dropbox, but I can't save to my Google drive account, why?!
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Pasting an image on Word app failed, copying its link instead

I am unable to copy an image from internet and paste it on Word documents. When I copy the image, the image's link is copied to clipboard and when I paste it on Word document the link is pasted. Can ...
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OneDrive app says spreadsheet is corrupted

I have a spreadsheet in my OneDrive storage. Using the OneDrive app on a Samsung TabA tablet I can see the file, but if I try to open it it says the file is corrupted. However, if I open OneDrive in ...
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Getting "Can't add account from settings" error when adding Office account in Nokia X

I am trying to add my MS Office account in Nokia X by going to: Settings --> Add account --> Office but it shows Can't add account from settings error. Can anyone has idea why does this error ...
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How to change the ink colour and size of the pen tool in the slideshow of Microsoft PowerPoint in Android version?

I have Microsoft office paid account. And it's for Android. So I am using it in my samsung tablet. I am using it for teaching purpose, so I must use the pen tool in slideshow. But the pen tool in ...
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Office Mobile not installed yet opening PDF files

I have a Samsung A50 phone, stock Android which came with the device (from Comcast), everything up to date and not rooted. I have not registered for the Samsung Galaxy store or whatever is called, and ...
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Microsoft apps always eating up space with data, for apparently no reason

Microsoft apps (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) use up space apparently for no reason. At this point, I do not use them. I am using a Samsung J7 with Android 6, with 16Gb internal storage and no SD card. ...
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Cannot download "Office 365" because it is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

I have Office on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, but I cannot upgrade it to Office 365. I can't download it from Google Play Store because it tells me that Your device isn't compatible with this version. ...
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