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Questions tagged [multi-touch]

Multi-touch refers to a touch sensing surface's (trackpad or touchscreen) ability to recognize the presence of two or more points of contact with the surface. This plural-point awareness is often used to implement advanced functionality such as pinch to zoom or activating predefined programs.

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Emulator startup issue

I am trying to run a standard AVD (ARM, empty layout, other settings as proposed by Android Studio) on the emulator. Enabled -verbose, -debug all and -show-kernel modes. The emulator boots, but ends ...
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Combined touch plus swipe gestures and TalkBack

I would like to know whether on Android devices it is possible to input a combined touch plus swipe gesture. For instance, I could touch with one or more fingers with the left hand, and simultaneously ...
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How do I disable skipping chapters with two-finger double taps on YouTube?

When I watch YouTube videos on my ASUS Zenfone 8, if I double tap with one finger to skip forward 10 seconds my input is often misregistered as a two finger tap that skips to the next chapter. This ...
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Can I measure things using a touchscreen?

I would like to create an app lets people measure their fingers by placing them on a their smartphone screens. As far as I can tell, I can track the input of a touchscreen and combine this with the ...
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Is it possible for apps to interfere with multi-touch system wide?

I'm having multi-touch issues with Swype. However, other users with same phone are reporting A-OK, so I'm wondering if PEBKAC or ID-10-T. However, I have tested bone stock after a factory reset and ...
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