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A popular media player for Android systems.

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MX Player Subtitles Settings not working on videos with SSA subtitles

I had my MX player's subtitle settings working just fine on all videos without bias. Recently I had to uninstall my MX player and reinstall it. After that, I tried to change the subtitle settings by ...
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Video only playing in MX player

I have downloaded a video (~400MB) in MP4. It only plays on MX player, and when I try to play it from the Files app or from PC, it instead shows a 9-second clip of (play in MX player). What kind of ...
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How to get MX Player to show .gif files in file lists?

MX Player is able to play .gif files, but does not populate its list views (i.e., internal file explorer) with them, even when explicitly defined as an extension through the relevant settings page (it ...
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Playing a video in MX Player Pro turns the phone's brightness to extremes. What is the cause?

Used MX Player Pro for years on my S6, S8 but on my new Note 9 every time I try to play a video the brightness of the whole phone screen goes to extreme brightness that I have to turn the phone fully ...
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How to set two different sound levels for two different sounds played simultaneously from two applications?

I'm using Poweramp Music Player (in the background) to play music, and MX Player (in the foreground) to play videos (video lectures). What I'm looking for is to play music in the background with a ...
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playing WhatsApp videos with your default MX Player on Android

in the past WhatsApp videos opened by default in the video player you annoted on Android as the default video player. in my case all videos in my Android phone (an Xperia z ) will open with MX player ...
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This audio format (AC3) not supported in MX player

I am trying to play one video in hindi language in MX player. but it shows This audio format (AC3) is not supported. Error shows in below picture: Does anyone help me to solve this issue?
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Play video with 2x speed in MX player kindly help

The problem is that I have to watch some MIT OCW video lectures on my mobile device and I'm using MX player to watch these videos. The catch is that I want to watch 50 minute lecture in 25-30 minute ...
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Tasker - Play video using MX Player while another is currently playing

I have an Android mini-pc connected to a television through a HDMI cable. I use Tasker to automatically start playing an mp4 video using MX Player when the device boots. MX Player then continues to ...
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MX OTT TV Box PIN Problem

My box boots directly into the pin entry screen, Clock on left and keypad on the right. I enter the pin correctly and the home screen comes up for one second and then goes back to the pin entry ...
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Why does video screen get brighter and how to prevent it?

This happens on Nexus 7 2013 (Google stock 5.0.2) and also happens on Galaxy Note 12.2 tablet (Samsung stock 4.4.2). I am in a dark room. I have set the system brightness to the minimum (let us call ...
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AC3 Codec for MX Amlogic MX2 Android Media Player Box

OK, so I have just bought the MX Amlogic MX2 Android Media Player, and I see that it doesn't play the most common audio file, AC3. I know that there are some licencing issues, and I also know that ...
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Running MX Player on a Nexus 10 to access an ext4 USB Flash drive

How would I play an MP4 on a USB Flash drive connected to the Nexus 10? The drive was formatted with Ubuntu with ext4 format. I have the MX Player but it does not see the USB Flash drive.
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Mx player says unsupported android version for 4.3

I have installed 4.3 yesterday on my Nexus 4, and since that time MX player would not load, saying: unsupported android version Is there a workaround, or do I have to wait until the developers ...
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