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Samsung "My Files" app: where is trash?

Situation There is a Samsung A10 with Android 9. Some files are deleted by My Files app. I tried to find its trash tool by this post: Open my files. Tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. ...
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How to access build in explorer in android 5.0.2

I would like to know how i can access the build in explorer as we can from android 6 like This way setting>storage and USB>explorer but in android 5 no explorer is there, i can access through pictures,...
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1 answer

Can't move or share files in My Files app

just downloaded some mp3 files and needed to move them from downloads to my music folder. not sure if its because of the new system update, but for some reason there is literally no option to move, ...
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How to delete my personal files retained by an app?

I'm using Android Excel and Word apps on a non-rooted Galaxy Note 8. Over the past months I've opened a couple of files from external sources (email and SD card), but was shocked to find these files ...
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How can I access my files on Galaxy J1 Ace? (restore "My Files" icon)

At the moment, I can only access the files stored on my phone from the PC. I can access some music through players and pictures through gallery, but any other files that are there are hidden. Reading ...
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Open File - All apps associated with this action have been turned off, blocked, or are not installed

I can open my text editor (QuickEdit Pro) and then, within my text editor, navigate to any file I like and anything (.md or .sh or .pl) will open without trouble. But when I open the default 'My Files'...
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'My Files' Application Not Appearing

After updating to Android 5.0, I can no longer find the 'My Files' application. Has this feature been disabled? If not, where is this now located?
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3 votes
0 answers

How do you change which app opens when USB is connected?

Regarding which app will be opened when I connect a USB ("OTG") device. How do I change this setting. I do not wish any of the following apps to open: Screenshot (click image to enlarge) (The ...
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6 answers

Remove "Recent files" from My Files app in Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

As you can see the "Recent files" in the picture, it's really annoying - it remembers every image which I just opened, thus violating my privacy. Note that "Recent files" even remembers and shows my ...
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