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Navigation bar is a bar to navigate between the apps and the system. Use this tag for issues that affect the whole navigation bar, otherwise use its underlying components: [back-button], [home-button], or [recent-app-list].

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5 votes
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Enable On-screen navigation in CM12 (Lollipop) using shell?

Device: OnePlus One (OPO); running CM12, is rooted, and has Xposed Framework installed. I need to enable On-screen navigation (it disables Hardware (HW) keys and shows soft keys at the screen; like ...
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4 votes
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How to disable bottom app toolbar on Samsung Tab running Android 12?

I have Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and until today the system toolbar (placed at the bottom of every app) consisted of 3 navigational soft buttons. Those buttons were centered and easy to access With ...
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