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Questions tagged [network-signal]

This tag deals with reception issues, which can apply to a variety of radio signals such as cell radio, WiFi, and others.

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What is *Cell standby* and how can I keep it from eating my battery?

Looking up my battery statistics, I almost always find Cell standby amongst the top consumers: I never thought that "idle" would use so much energy. I saw that other people encounter similar problems:...
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2 answers

What are the different signal indicators avalable on the notification bar?

The signal indicator on my phone often shows "3G" or "H+" in the signal indicator. When there's no connectivity it doesn't show anything. I'm referring to the icons in the status bar like these: ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to set signal strength threshold for switching WiFi on and off?

When the WiFi signal strength is low, the phone switches to a 4G network. When the WiFi signal strength is high, the phone switches to that WiFi network. This is normal behavior for any Android ...
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Does 'poor' reception deplete the battery quicker?

In the area where I live I sometimes have trouble with reception. The Internet stops working for me or it takes time to load pages. The phone tries and tries to connect. It seems to me that when this ...
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2 answers

My Galaxy Nexus can't hold on to a signal

I have an unlocked international-version Galaxy Nexus on the German T-Mobile network. It's only about a week old, but more than once in that time I've seen the signal drop completely out, and won't ...
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2 answers

How are good, fair, poor and bad defined for signal strength?

How are good, fair, poor and bad defined for signal strength in terms of dBm, in most Android phones or telecommunication community? Are they defined the same for mobile network and for WiFi network? ...
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2 answers

What can I do when my GPS doesn't work (or if my tablet doesn't have GPS)?

The problem: I want to use an (offline|online) navigation app but: I have an Asus Transformer Prime with very bad GPS reception I have a tablet without GPS (e.g., a Nook Color) My phone has a very ...
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How can I simultaneously use mobile data and WiFi?

Through a combination of Afwall/Netguard and Automate/Tasker, I'd like to use both my mobile data and WiF at the same time. For example, I'd like for some live/realtime widgets on the homescreen to ...
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Can an app manipulate the cellular radio chip?

I have a few ideas for a couple local cell to cell apps, but want to use the radio signals to extend the range (the extra work is fine with me). Just curious if it is possible to control the ...
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After rooting my verizon Galaxy S3, I have no data or cellular connection?

So, when I first rooted my phone, everything worked fine. I had used CM 10.1 (Or at least some version of Cyanogenmod). Being curious, I wanted to try other ROMs. I then installed MUIU v5. Didn't like ...
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On the verge of 3G reception -- how to find the best position

In my apartment, it seems like I'm on the verge of having 3G reception with my current carrier. It's only if I place and leave my Galaxy Nexus on the window, and in a certain position and time of day,...
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