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How do I save and export Google's and Chrome's suggested articles?

Besides Google News' articles (which I've set to another language), I often get a lot of article suggestions both in Google Chrome's new tab and the Google pane (Google Discover?) that appears by ...
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Prevent Google News from contacting the internet

I have gone to great lengths to get my phone and all applications on it to limit the amount they talk to the internet and otherwise access data on my phone, especially for services I do not care to ...
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How to disable Google news (clickbait) article notifications?

Every time I check my phone there is a list of 'news article' summaries in notifications. On the rare occasions I find any of it interesting it almost inevitably turns out to be a low quality fluff ...
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Stop news from trying to put me in a political echo chamber?

I like to tell google to "play the news" for me during long road trips. However, I noticed it's giving me news which has a clear lean towards one side of the political spectrum. While I ...
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Android Weather / News stopped working claiming it doesn't know where I am

Today I noticed that my Google Weather no longer shows me a weather forecast. Instead of each day showing a weather condition and a forecast high/low temperatures, I just shows "--" in each day's ...
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Preloading images over WiFi from New York Times app for Android?

I've set the NYTimes app to download over WiFi twice a day. But it just downloads the articles, not the pictures. So if I'm out and about, I either get no pictures or I burn cellular data. How can ...
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Why is my News & Weather app using so much data (and battery)?

I'm running Android 6.0 on an HTC M9. In the last 13 days, my News & Weather app has used 1.37GB of data. In that same period, Google Play Store used 1.22GB. For a few weeks now I have had ...
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Pure news (scollable) not working

I want to have news appear on the home screen of my tablet so I got Pure news widget. I installed it and added the widget but the widget is empty (no news shows up). I assume I need to add a feed ...
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Briefing news not updating on S3

I have set up a Briefing alarm clock. I love hearing news when I wake up. The problem is that since a week the synthetic voice of Samsung always reads me the same headline. Right now I tried to ...
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Android news app that fetches by topic

I had a great news and weather app on my HTC Incredible that gave me top news articles and also let me fetch news by specific topic, for example "ebola" or "nanotechnology." Is there a way to ...
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How can I get the location to update again in my News and Weather widget?

On my Galaxy Nexus running stock Jellybean 4.1.1 the News & Weather widget thinks I'm in Hong Kong airport, and has for the last week. I have been to Hong Kong airport 3 times in the last month (...
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Alarm Clock Plus says wrong temperature; wrong by 20 or more degrees

I enabled the "Say time before alarm" and "say weather before alarm" features on Alarm Clock Plus, but when alarm activates the wrong temperature is being said. Not by a few degrees, but by 20 or more....
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News & Weather Widget Not Updating

I have a news & weather widget on my Nexus S home screen, set to show the weather for my current location. In its settings, I have it set to update once an hour along with automatic location ...
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News and weather app/widget crashes on startup

Over the past couple of days, the news and weather app won't start for me. I get an error message and I'm asked to force close or report the issue whenever I try to add the widget to a home screen or ...
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