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Questions tagged [nokia-5]

Use this tag only if your question is specific to the Nokia 5 smartphone.

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Do 360/3D videos in Chrome and YouTube app work on a phone without gyroscope?

I'd like to buy a new phone, I am considering a Nokia 5.3. I just noticed in its specification that it doesn't have a gyroscope. I wonder if embedded 3D/360 videos in Chrome ( and such videos in ...
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1 answer

Encryption on SD card. Not recovering data after crashing

My SD card on Nokia 5 suddenly stooped being recognized one day and all my apps and data was lost. I switched off the phone and reinserted the card, but no use. Then I took the card for recovery with ...
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Why do notifications stop for WhatsApp after few minutes?

I have Nokia 5.1 Plus with Android Pie. Now, since a few days, I'm facing this irritating problem. When the WhatsApp is open, it works fine. You receive push notifications, and messages are not ...
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Accessing Gmail Password from Android Device Remotely

I was using a Nokia 5 and I lost it over the weekend. I have the gmail app stored there that has sign ins to 3 of my emails s*****, r****** & r1***** Unfortunately ...
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Are lock screen pattern and system start pattern the same?

I have recently bought a Nokia 5 and I am quite new to Android. I have entered screen lock/and or start lock and entered a pattern. Acutally, I don't know if I did that one or two times but then I ...
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