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Questions tagged [nokia-xl]

Use this tag if your issue is truly specific to the Nokia XL device.

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How to configure Push Notifications for CloudMagic with out Google Play Services enabled?

I am using Nokia XL. I used to use AquaMail in Nokia XL with push notifications. But for CloudMagic, it asks google play services for push notifications. What's the alternative to use push ...
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How to root my Nokia XL (updated version)?

An error message is appearing when I'm trying to root my phone by the app frameroot . I was suggested to use Gandhalf but as my XL is already updated I'm receiving an error message . What do I do ? I ...
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How to connect to adhoc wifi on Nokia XL

Is there a way I can connect Nokia XL phone to adhoc wifi created using my laptop. I've had Nokia 900 which connected & Nokia N8 connects to the same wifi hotspot while none of Samsung (Android) ...
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Can Nokia X,X+,XL run android apks?

Can Nokia's new android phones run android apks just like in other androids via package installer? I heard there is no google play store, can I use a google play apk or flash gapps that brings one ...
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