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Questions tagged [non-market]

For questions on apps not originating in any "market" (e.g. those directly obtained from the developers' websites). Note that we also have 'alternative-markets' and, more specifically, the 'amazon-appstore'. See full tag wiki for more details/hints.

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0 votes
1 answer

Install button not working (third party app) on Nexus 5X

I am unable to click on install button. I have made back up some of my apps. But now when I'm clicking on the install button, it's not working. Cancel button is working nicely. I purchased it 3 days ...
0 votes
1 answer

A non-existing app keeps crashing

I've removed an app long ago, but when I unlock the phone a message appears which says: "the app" has stopped I had changed its location from internal to external before I remove it. Also I have ...
4 votes
5 answers

Can I install non-market apps on my AT&T phone directly (without a PC)?

I've installed non-Market apps on my AT&T Captivate using adb, but it'd be nice if I could download an APK directly and install it locally. I've heard of "App(s) Installer" and about a hundred ...
2 votes
2 answers

How to allow installation of Non-Market apps (ICS)?

I'm attempting to install the exynos fix after downloading the .apk file. When I open the file to run, the system tells me that I cannot install apps that did not originate from Google Play. After ...
4 votes
3 answers

Copying apk's from phone to tablet

I have a Marketless tablet (Coby Kyros), and I bought a Samsung Captivate (AT&T). Will I be able to copy the apk's I download from the phone into the tablet?
-1 votes
1 answer

Com Error in Blip TV App for Optimum V Phone

Good afternoon, I am attempting to get the Android Blip application working for my phone, as of this moment it only works for the Samsung Viberant and I currently do not have that phone. Now though ...
4 votes
3 answers

How do I sideload, i.e. install non-market apps, on at&t phones?

I'd like to try out some Android beta software I found online, but when I tried installing it on the device I got a message that said that installing non-market apps has been disabled for security ...