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Use this tag for questions about the Android e-book app, not the device.

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How do I enable continuous scrolling in the Nook app?

Is there a way to enable continuous scrolling on the Nook app for Android? The Kindle app allowed me to read by scrolling vertically, but I can't find a similar option in the Nook app.
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Any way to remove the 512 character limit on Nook Touch notes?

The Nook Simple Touch is an android-based eReader. In their interface for reading books, you can highlight a word or set of words, then attach a note to that. The notes are limited to 512 characters, ...
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How do I get the Android Kindle/nook apps to recognize .MOBI/.EPUB files on my SD card?

I prefer to manage my ebook files manually, so I'm having trouble getting the Android Kindle and nook apps to locate the .MOBI and .EPUB files that I put on my SD card. Is there any sort of Browse ...
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Buying and Reading Books without Kindle or Nooks apps [closed]

I want buy an e-book ( and read on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab) . Ebook is available for kindle and nook. Also there is an Amazon link (probably kindle version). There isn't ...
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How can I use 'Nook for android' to read non-latin encoding epub books normally?

I installed Nook for android on my P1010. When I use it to read English epub book, no problem. But when I read a Chinese book with GB2312 encoding, there are lots of irrecognizable characters. How can ...
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What are some Android eBook options & eReader Apps (Kindle, Nook, Google Books, etc.)? [closed]

What are my options for reading ebooks on my Android device? There have been a number of questions about ebooks but I thought I'd pull the basics together into a Community Wiki. Quick note on cross ...