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Nook HD is by Barnes & Noble and is a 7" tablet form factor device.

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My nook HD won't charge

Unlike similar posts about this issue, the light doesn't from green to red to nothing when I plug it in, but rather, it just goes to green for a few seconds, and then nothing. I hadn't used it in a ...
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Can't charge/power on Nook HD+

The device won't power on. The screen and status light show no indication of activity when pressing or holding the power button (or any button / pairwise combination of buttons for that matter). The ...
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How to enable root on my Device without using a computer

I've been try my hardest these past couple months to figure out a way to root my Device without a computer(Got wet in April) and no success. The problem is , my Device is a BN Nook HD and Unknown ...
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Is there software that will completely wipe your Android device when there are too many pin attempts?

I love the option that your iPhone will wipe itself if someone preforms way to many pin attempts but I do not see that option on Android devices. Is there software that will completely wipe your ...
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Can a hybrid install be converted to "internal"?

I have a hybrid (root on SD) install of CM on my Nook HD+. I've decided I'd rather have it installed on the internal flash rather than on the microSD card. Can I convert this installation or do I ...
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Why is Kivy Launcher giving "your device isn't compatible" with Nook HD+?

When I bought my Nook HD+ a week after Google Play was enabled for it, one of the first apps I installed was the Kivy Launcher. It worked great for a few times, then stopped working mysteriously - ...
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How do I root my Nook HD?

I checked The Master List of Rooting Techniques, and found nothing. This XDA thread looked promising.
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