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An "odexed" app is an Android application that has the compiled byte-code (dex) for the classes bundled with it.

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Can I run .odex file on dalvikvm?

As I can run a Dex file on dalvikvm through a terminal emulator (I'm using termux or adb shell /system/bin/dalvikvm -cp /path/to/classes.dex classname Which runs successfully and I noticed it ...
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How does deodexing work?

As far as I understand, odexed apps come in two: the "apk" and the "odex" files, both containing different information. And I understand that the odex file has crucial information ...
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Is deleting /system/bin/dex2oat file safe?

I was looking into a couple of Android tombstones files of an old Samsung phone running Marshmallow. Found a crash in every single one with the same culprit, dex2oat. From my limited understanding it ...
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How to combine ODEX and VDEX files with an APK file?

I have an .apk file, also comes with it two files, one .odex files, another .vdex file. The files were pulled from the /system/app folder of another phone. The files hierarchy on the original system ...
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What is the proper method to manually odex an apk?

I am looking for a proper and simple method to odex an apk file. I have an upgraded apk file from a ROM with which I want to replace an older one, and it is located in the /system-priv directory. The ...
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Weird package ""

Recently my phone shows "Android is starting Optimizing App 1 of 1" at every boot. I intercepted this and found it running dex2oat in this way /system/bin/dex2oat --runtime-arg -classpath --runtime-...
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Lollipop/ART - how do I manually optimize APK files?

I've asked this question before. After checking out logcat, it seems that the OS is looking for the odex files. I've checked the odex files of other system apps on my ROM, and it turns out they're ELF ...
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How to re-run the "app optimization" process after upgrading to a higher version of Android?

After each OTA Android upgrade, I get a message saying "Optimizing app x of xxx" that takes a while. The last time I upgraded, the battery ran out during the optimization process (not during the ...
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Why Does ART Compile Apps After Upgrade?

I have a Google Nexus 5. Every time I do a system update, I see this message: Android is upgrading... Optimizing app [x] of [y] I understand that ART is compiling my apps. What I don't ...
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SH Script to Rename .apk.odex files

I have written a script to utilize dexopt-wrapper to odex a folder of .apk's #!/bin/sh SYSAPP=/mnt/extSdCard/FilesToOdex/system/app/ SYSPRIVAPP=/mnt/extSdCard/FilesToOdex/system/priv-app/ for i1 in ...
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Is Odex really faster?

Is an odex file different from the dex file generated and stored in dalvik-cache? Is it faster? More optimized? Or just the same? Most people mention the benefit of improved boot speed after wiping ...
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When extactly does the hangouts_video_call.ogg extracted from hangout.apk?

Two ringtones are extracted from Hangout.apk to /storage/ringtones folder during some system setup phase. To analyze that, I manually deleted the ringtone files from my_files >> Ringtone. Now, no ...
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Android and DEX files handling at runtime

I'm trying to understand a few things around how dex files are handled by android. What I do know is that an APK ships a dex file, the system gets it, optimises it at install time, and stores the ...
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How to make a normal apk with .dex inside it from an apk which is odexed?

I had a file manager provided by my manufacturer as a system app. it was odexed. i have its apk and odex file both. I installed a custom rom now and want to install that filemanager. how do i do ...
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Should I backup .odex files too?

I have recently got an app that permits me to view the contents of my phone memory on my rooted Samsung Galaxy Y mobile phone. In /system/app folder, I see all the system apps that came pre-installed ...
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ODEX file: Does every app has one and if yes where are they stored?

I know that .odex files are optimized .dex files. I have seen a lot of .odex files below the path /system on my phone. I am just curious if there are also .odex files for my installed apps. I ...
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What is an "odex" app?

I saw an application (forgot the name) on my cousin's Galaxy Mini while inside Link2SD app. It has the -Odex- text beside its name. It was the only application like that on Link2SD. I got curious so I ...
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Are ROMs with deodexed programs faster or slower than odexed?

I am a bit confused by the effect of deodexing (or even by terminology). Based on answers to "What is the difference between odexed and deodexed roms?": A "deodexed" ROM is one where the .odex ...
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What is the difference between odexed and deodexed ROMs?

What is the difference between odexed and deodexed ROMs? Which is the standard (stock) ROMs that ship use?
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