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Questions tagged [onda-tablet]

Onda Tablet PC released their first Android 4.0 Tablet PC, the Onda Vi40 Elite on 2012.

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Bricked Onda v919 64gb (without 3g)

I currently bought a tablet Onda v919 from China. When I received it I realized that the installed android did not contain Google Play, and after reading about it I found out that you could make an ...
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How can I make a controller work on my Android tablet using a USB-OTG cable?

I am trying to make my Thurstmaster GP XID controller ( work on my android 4.2 device (Onda v975s) by plugging it into the micro USB port using a USB-...
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Youtube not playing in Wifi

I have this real strange problem that youtube is not playing on my Onda Tablet (dark screen and "problem while playing"), when I am in my home wifi. When I use my mobile as a hotspot and connect my ...
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Is it possible to install Nexus factory reset images on other Android devices [duplicate]

The device I want to install Nexus onto is the Onda VI10 tablet. I found some Nexus factory images here, and I would like to install them. Is this possible?
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How can I download apps on the Onda tablet?

How can I download apps on the Onda tablet? It is Android-enabled, but it doesn't have internet.
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