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USB 3.1 gen 2 flash drive only works when connected through 2 adapters at the same time

Okay, this is a very specific question with very specific hardware, so I understand if there isn't an answer. I recently bought a USB 3.1 gen 2 flash drive with read and write speeds of 400MB/s, ...
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"No SIM Card" after flashing custom ROM (Oneplus 7 Pro)

I have an unlocked Oneplus 7 Pro that I just installed Havoc OS on, which stopped the SIM card from being recognized. This SIM card works on both other phones (stock Pixel 2) and this phone with a ...
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Why isn't the OnePlus 7 Pro compatible with Google Daydream?

Is there any shortcoming in the hardware offering of the One Plus 7 Pro that makes it ineligible to run Daydream? I can't see anything that specifies what exactly makes a Daydream phone special. I ...
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