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Oneplus 6T stuck on bootloader after rooting

I tried to root my Oneplus 6T. Now the phone is stuck on the bootloader If I continue with START, the device is going to a loop, never completing the boot process. I tried booting the boot image with ...
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What are the differences between the single partition and the A/B partition scheme?

I recently flashed LineageOS 18.1 to a OnePlus6T by following the official guide. It was successfull, but there are a couple of steps which I don't fully understand. The OP6T uses the A/B partition ...
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How can I find the oldest SMS that is stored on my phone?

How can I find the oldest SMS that is stored on my phone? Since SMSs are threaded I can't just scroll all the way down to find my oldest message. The reason I want to do this is that I use a backup ...
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How to decline all calls from numbers not in your Contacts in DND mode?

I am on holiday, and would like prevent all calls from numbers that are not in my Contacts such that the caller will not know that my phone is on. I do not want the callers of not-in-my-Contacts know ...
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How to login to Oneplus OxygenOS after motherboard change with 2-step verification?

Last time, I had a similar issue with Oneplus 2, I troubleshooted the problem with OnePlus 2-level tech support (nicely organized by Amazon) and they decided after 3rd try that nothing to be done ...
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OnePlus 6t bootloop

My OnePlus starts with its normal android animation of the two dots revolving around the red dot but however the two dots freeze and after some time restarts again. I downloaded the stock rom version ...
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