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Docx document is read-only in LibreOffice

I created a docx file in LibreOffice on my computer running Debian 9.1 with KDE and copied it to my Android phone. On the phone I try to open the file with the LibreOffice app. However I can't edit ...
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AndrOpen Office opens SD documents in read-only on Lenovo A7600-F

I've got a fairly new Lenovo A7600-F, which has updated to Android 5 since I purchased it. I'm also fairly new to Android, having gotten my first device (Galaxy S4) five months ago. I wouldn't call ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How do I open an .odt file?

I have received an .odt file and I wanted to know if it is possible to open it on my S3? I need to be able to copy, paste, edit and view comments. OS: 4.1.1 Galaxy S3
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Writing structured text documents

I recently bought an Android tablet with a keyboard, and would like to use it to take notes of conferences, lectures, meetings etc. On a Windows or Linux notebook, I would use the excellent LyX ...
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How can I open password protected ODS files (Open Office)?

Found many Open Office viewer apps, but couldn't find a password protected ODS viewer ... I wonder why it was not ported yet - it is open source so it would be just an issue of converting existing ...
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2 answers

Is there any highlighting or annotating software for ODT -format: LibreOffice or OpenOffice? [closed]

I read my LibreOffice/OpenOffice documents with tablets and smartphones. Is there any software for the ODT -format which allows me to edit such files. I often find things which I should fix and would ...
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