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For questions specific to the "Opera Mini" web browser. See the 'browser' tag wiki for a list of related tags, including those for other browsers.

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HTML Viewer seems not running the website's Javascripts

I have an offline saved htm web page on sdcard to test Javascript. The default render on my phone seems to be HTML Viewer. But when I tried to open the page, the code didn't run. I know this because ...
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How to block Opera mini "AdSense" interstitial ads?

Sometime back, I noticed that whenever I browse the web I frequently see very intrusive pop-ups (ranging from facebook ads and other promotional material which appear in dialog box-like pop ups) which ...
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Images from YouTube links are shown in Opera Mini even when "Load images" is off

I use Opera Mini with "Load images" set to off when browsing on mobile data, to speed it up and save bandwidth. This removes most images, however, I've noticed that whenever there is a link to a ...
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Multitasking : How do I maintain the opera browser tabs keep active when switching applications

Case: When I was opening multiple pages/tabs on opera browser, then I press the home button to switch apps to see SMS, then i return to the opera app by holding the home button, suddenly my tabs open ...
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How to Enable Android Opera mini browser off-road mode?

Recently I found that, enabling off-road mode in Opera mini browser is a great way to hide my browsing data from ISP. So I installed the version 24.0.2254. But I couldn't find the option in enable the ...
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accidently i enable mp3 play from server in Opera, how can i disable it.?

While downloading a song from song website i marked it as "Play from Opera" Now instead of downloading the song, it plays from server. How can i disable it in m y Samsung Galaxy Y duos. Andro 2.3
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