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PAC-ROM is a custom ROM that offers UI improvements and ROM management, CWM based.

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Getting Android 4.x on the HTC Holiday (with complications)

Device: AT&T HTC Holiday w/ Android 2.3 & no service Goal: To get Android 4.x (any derivative) working on said device. Problem: When I tried to install the PACMAN ROM (by loosely following ...
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Log off animation in Pac-man rom

How can i change the default log-off animation in my nexus4(PAC man ROM). I was able to change the boot animation in data folder but unable to find the logoff animation.
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Cannot connect to WiFi • MAC address unavailable every time after restart

Since some days it doesn't load my MAC - so I cannot connect to WiFi. If I remove everything in /data/misc/wifi folder and restart again it works again.. Of course I've to save WiFi networks. I'm ...
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Cannot find option to edit people in Nexus 4

My device is Nexus 4 with custom PACman ROM installed. It got into a bootloop while taking a pic,So I swiped the dalvik cache and system files using TWRP. It booted up finely But since then i couldnt ...
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