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How to view on-line or download my Android Contacts metadata including Linked info from Linked Apps

There is far more information about my Contacts in my Android phone then what is visible on-line from Primarily I am referring to the information from "linked ...
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2 answers

Hide contact groups

Is it possible to hide some contact groups from the default People App? I'm talking in particular about the default Google groups named "Family", "Friends" and "Coworkers"; since I don't use them, ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Can you set the colour for contacts in Android 5 Lollipop?

I just upgraded to Android 5.0 which made all my contacts' random colours even more prominent. Is it possible to customize the colour for each contact? For example, if I don't like that Mister ...
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How do I edit/add a birthday in the `people` app Cyanogenmod 11?

I have Cyanogenmod 11 M8. I keep my contacts on the phone, not sharing them in the cloud, I prefer to run only AOSP software and FOSS applications from F-Droid. Somehow I can't add/edit birthdays in ...
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Google agenda question (Still need help)

my question is more related to the Google contacts system than to Android itself, but hope you can help me.. I have a Nexus 5, and my agenda looks organized with everything that I added perfectly. The ...
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Wrong caller ID for home number

I recently had to wipe my Nexus 4 in order to root it. Prior to that when I received a call from my home telephone it would display my wife's contact from the caller ID. Since rooting it now ...
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5 answers

How can I add a contact to internal address book (instead of Google Account) on Android 4.4?

I'm using Android 4.4.2 with my new Google Nexus 5. I have a question about adding new contacts. On my workstation I'm running my own cloud system. It is an Apache sever running eGroupware on it and I'...
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How to add a contact to People from Hangouts?

I'm using KitKat. I have Hangouts conversations with people who are not in my contacts (this may be an artifact of using a Google Apps account provided by my school). How can I add someone from one of ...
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Cannot find option to edit people in Nexus 4

My device is Nexus 4 with custom PACman ROM installed. It got into a bootloop while taking a pic,So I swiped the dalvik cache and system files using TWRP. It booted up finely But since then i couldnt ...
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How to change my Google+ connection in "Me" contacts

When I set up the social connection in Me I picked the Google+ account that I share with my spouse. How do I change it to my own google+ account. In messaging, it picking up the photo of the two of ...
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0 answers

Combine SIM contacts to single contact back in phone

I have researched on the net for this and have come accross useful apps like Merge+, Duplicate contacts, etc. But they don't exhibit the feature that i am looking for.. When we copy contacts from ...
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17 votes
3 answers

How do I enable birthday reminders or view birthdays as events in Calendar on Nexus 4

Simple problem: I forget the birthdays of my friends. I have the dates saved in my contacts (CardDAV-Sync address book) and can view them with the People app. I have not found a way to set up an alert ...
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1 answer

Filter contacts by account

I have a number of mail accounts on my Samsung Tablet. Contacts stored online are synced with the local tablet contacts and visible in the stock Android Contact app. As different accounts are ...
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2 answers

People app disappeared from apps on Nexus 4

It's a system app, but somehow I disabled it. Now, it won't show me my contacts or anything. If I try to see a missed call from notification drawer, it leaves me at home screen. I cannot view any of ...
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2 answers

Get all users by Organization name in People app of HTC One X

I have HTC One X and I have stored my contacts in the People app. I have put Organization name in their details. I want to view all the users belonging to a particular organization. I am unable to ...
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Phone favorite - remove picture icon due to screen real estate

Using a new Nexus 4 with OS 4.2.2. I've pulled my contacts onto the phone (from Exchange/OL using Companion Link) and they are synchronized to the phone's Contacts (people?) app. I can see them from ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Nexus 4 auto dialing extension does not work

I used to own a T-Mobile Mytouch 4g before, which had the pause character before extension otherwise 'p' on that handset and it was working fine. Now, I own and use a Nexus 4 and I understood that ...
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Problem syncing Gmail contacts on Android tablet

I have a Teac tablet (classic101) with Android 4.0. After signing in on Gmail and Drive and everything, my contacts won't show up anywhere. It doesn't show when I start writing an address in Gmail. ...
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When I delete contact item (phone, email, etc), the item deletes but reappears

In the People app, if I delete a portion of a contacts information (like their address or phone number) the information will disappear for a time, but the next time I view my contacts, the information ...
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1 answer

Is there a solution to get the stock ICS Dialer and People apps with Touchwiz devices?

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note with the stock Touchwiz UI ROM. I was wondering if there's a standalone ICS Dialer and People app available? I've managed to find a standalone messaging and calendar ...
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Wiping out data in Calendar and People?

I'd like to test the different solutions available to sync Outlook with Androphones through USB. To start from a clean state, is there a way to wipe out the contents of Calendar and People, so I don'...
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