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Huawei Y6 Elite - Wet, Can Charge But Not Booting

(If this is the wrong place to ask this question please tell me.) I am in a bit of pickle right now. It was quite rainy where I live, so when I took my phone (Huawei Y6 Elite Android 5.1) outside it ...
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Purple line of Samsung galaxy s7

I have a Samsung galaxy s7 in gold. It has been stepped on. Now, there is purple bleeding on the left side with a few pale purple around the screen. I can’t enter my phone because I has a pattern ...
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OnePlus 3T stuck on options menu with Power Key Damaged

i want to get it on/Started. But its stuck on the options menu. and my power key is not working . Is there any another way around this Instead of me waiting for its battery to get completely drained (...
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How important is "Gorilla glass" in a smartphone? [closed]

My phone's glass has cracked over time, and I'm planning to replace it. I've noticed that a lot of the models I'm considering to replace it with (and my current phone itself) don't feature "Gorilla ...
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No one can hear me on my Galaxy Note 8 Edge! How do I fix?

No one can hear me on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Edge when they call me or I call them. I hear them clearly, but I have to race to turn the speaker on before they hang up. How do I fix this problem ...
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How do get SMS messages off a damaged Android phone (Samsung J2 pro)

I dropped my Samsung J2 Pro and damaged it this morning. Only part of screen responds to touch commands now. So it's almost certainly time for a new phone, but I'd like to get photos and SMS messages ...
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Detect damage to device after dropping it?

I dropped my Pixel. The screen is cracked and doesn't light up. But the phone still works - it rings and vibrates when I get a call. I'm considering replacing the screen myself, but before I buy the ...
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Android Failing?

I believe it's either internal circuitry, internal memory or root system file damage but I thought it's best I ask here first. I'm using a Sony Xperia M (nicki) C1905 android. I believe I've had this ...
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Install OS on Galaxy S4 w/ broken screen

I have an Samsung Galaxy S4 with a broken screen (no touch input and no visual output); it's been sitting in my closet for months, but it still charges & boots. Now, I want to put it to good use ...
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Can I recover the WhatsApp chat history from a damaged phone?

My phone has suffered physical damage and it will no longer turn on. I have given it to a phone repair shop in the hope that the data is still alive in there and that it can be extracted using ...
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How bad is my screen damaged? Do I need to replace the whole screen?

My dad has a Samsung phone. He dropped it once long ago and there was a crack across the screen as shown in the image: Now he is having difficulty using the phone. There is always a touch at one spot ...
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Exclude possibility of damage of Android device while chargin with another charger [duplicate]

Is it true, that if I have one Android tablet with mini-usb from Philips, one Android device with mini-usb from Sony, then if I connect Philips charger to Sony charger, then it is possibility for a ...
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Can screen dimming apps damage the screen?

With recent research suggesting melatonin levels linked to blue wavelengths of light via the melanopsin, a plethora of phone screen dimming apps have been released. My sister claims they can damage ...
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Can I damage my phone by doing android programming on it?

I am a beginner to android programming and I want to use my personal phone that I use daily to test my programs, but I am not sure if that is a good idea. Is it possible to somehow corrupt my phone ...
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Does cracked screen cause faster battery drain?

I dropped my Nexus 5 a week ago and the screen cracked diagonally 8cm from side to side. Since then I am sure that the battery drains faster than before. Previously I was always happy at how much ...
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Identifying whether display is broken or the motherboard

I assume it is possible to damage the motherboard / chips inside a phone if it falls on the ground. So my questions is, is it possible to confirm what has been damaged during the fall? I don't want ...
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How to unlock Android phone without the touch screen

I have a Huawei phone with Android installed. The LCD display cracked recently, and as the cracks have spread over whole display over few days, it's now totally uncontrollable. The phone has a 4 way ...
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Can I damage screen (Nexus 7) by having it turned on and not change for longer periods of time?

I wanted to use an app called TimeWise to have a timer ticking and showing how much time is left in a time-boxed task. However, I am not sure, if having the screen turned on like this (even with very ...
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My Galaxy Tab 10.1 fell straight from the bed. Will this influence the Tab life?

Last night, I left the Tab next to me and it fell from my bed onto the floor. The Tab now has a crack in the upper right corner and a little depression between the frame and the screen. Will this ...
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