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Questions tagged [pixel-experience]

Pixel Experience is a ROM that aims to bring as many features as possible from the Google Pixel to other devices. It is a popular custom rom.

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Image Files are larger than System Partitions when Flashing [remote: size too large] - PixelExperience 13 on Redmi Note 10 (Mojito)

I'm trying to install PE on my Redmi Note 10 and am having trouble with fastboot flashing. I´ve already unlocked bootloader and USB Debugging is enabled. The problem appears when trying to flash '...
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Google Recorder Transcript not working

I have a Pixel 3a which I recently updated to Android 13 using Pixel Experience. Before updating Android, Google Recorder transcripts worked, though unfortunately I have no more details. Since ...
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"FAILED (remote: 'size too large')" when flashing recovery image of Pixel Experience (Android 13) on Redmi 10

I'm trying to flash Pixel Experience (Android 13) on Redmi 10. PS F:\android\Redmi 10\codice per il recupero del telefono\platform-tools> fastboot flash -S 4056M boot PixelExperience\recovery.img ...
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Android stuck in Boot animation after flashing GSI

I flashed Pixel Expirience GSI with TWRP by pushing it to the storage and flashing it as system img(with TWRP). The problem, it’s now stuck in a Google animation which came after the Sony logo. I ...
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How to make incoming text messages remind me every 2 minutes?

Most notifications I get from my Android are not urgent. But Text messages (SMS) probably are. I would like my phone to not stop notifying me about Text messages until I finally acknowledge it. How ...
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How to update pocof1 mobile running on pixel experience android 10 to latest version?

Currently, my mobile pocof1 is running on pixel experience ROM Android version 10 but I was unable to update to the latest version as I didn’t get any OTA updates, but on the pixel experience website ...
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Gmail app high storage usage

I have installed custom rom on my android device 10 days ago. The rom was official pixel experience from xda for moto x4(payton). Today, I have noticed that Gmail android app have used about 1.2gb as ...
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