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Virtual device in android studio virtual device manager is not play protect certified

I downloaded Android Studio yesterday, so it should be fairly new. I created 2 virtual devices using latest SDK, version 14 something. Both device is not play protect certified when I check in: Play ...
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Android TV removing app

I downloaded and installed a 3rd party app which was not on the app store The problem I have is that every time I turn on my TV, it gets removed and I am forced to reinstall the app I have found that ...
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Handcent Next SMS just flagged by Play Protect -- what's going on?

I've been using Handcent Next SMS app for many years. A few moments ago, the Playstore's Play Protect just disabled the app on my phone saying the following: This app is fake. It tries to take over ...
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How to install an unsafe APK after allowing Play Protect to block it?

I was just wondering, when installing an APK from an unknown source and you click OK to allow Play Protect to block it, is there a way of installing that app without fully disabling Play Protect? ...
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Disable harmful app notification

A notification with a heading "Disable harmful app" from something that looks like Google Play (because of the logo). No amount of settings is making it go away
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Google says No active devices in Find My Device

I have lost my phone this morning. At that time when I go to find my devices there were two mobile phones listed in find my devices including the lost one (and my previous mobile phone). The person ...
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Is there a way to control/use Google Play Protect together with microG (open source Google Play service alternative)?

I'm facing a tricky scenario, sometime back I decided to discontinue using Google Play Services in favour of an open source alternative - microG due to constant problems and crashing of several Google ...
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