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POP3, which is an abbreviation for Post Office Protocol 3, is the third version of a widespread method of receiving email. Much like the physical version of a post office clerk, POP3 receives and holds email for an individual until they pick it up.

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Cannot Set Up Samsung Default Email and Add Account

Samsung Galaxy S9 phone Until recently I could send/receive emails on my phone with the Samsung default email app with an email address at I had a problem with my ...
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Where and how to get POP3 emails off Samsung Phone?

I recently did a backup of my email account using the Samsung Email app on my mobile phone (Galaxy A31 model SM-A315F), as it was set up as a POP3 account, then I changed it to an IMAP account, but ...
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Cannot delete IMAP/POP3 account added to Gmail app

Any nonstandard way to delete an IMAP/POP3 account added via Gmail App, when System Settings do have not the "remove account" option? Seems my manufacturer (Xiaomi) has made something wrong ...
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Gmail POP emails disappear after a while

After a period of a few days, I've noticed that Gmail seems to just get rid of emails previously in my POP account inbox. They aren't in the trash, and I never deleted them or removed them in any way. ...
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Send an email setup as a file

Is it possible to send a file that would contain settings for a phone to set up an email account such as set up a POP3 account on a phone. So I could send it to a user on the network and then they ...
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